Symbol of a Different Approach

The young logo of Turkey expresses an ancient journey through Anatolia's rich history. It is the newly blossomed flower on branches of a tree whose roots are as ancient as the civilization.

The "Made in Turkey", is not merely a group of words used to mark the products manufactured in Turkey, instead, it symbolizes, represents an era. As the young republic managed to create a manufacturing industry almost from scratch, necessities arose such as specialization, creating trademarks and distinguishing the national products from the rest, in the global market. For decades, this need was fulfilled by Made in Turkey logo.

As the Turkey's export volume and circulation of Turkish goods in the global market increased, Made in Turkey logo has earned itself a reputation and shaped its identity. This was the first breakthrough of Turkey's progress towards becoming a trademark country. As the years followed each other, step by step, Turkish products and their reflection from the consumers, has created an awareness and has woven an identity around Made in Turkey logo.

And what is this identity? What does the Made in Turkey logo infuses the subconscious of the people all around the world with, what does it connote? As Cahit Iþðk, former Chairman and Board Member of Association of Advertisement Procreators and Turgay Adðyaman, Saffron Brand Consultants Managing Director of Turkey both stated, Made in Turkey logo had a better reputation than Made in China logo and connoted more acceptable price than Made in Germany.

Made in China, due to the China's industrial policy, was associated with low quality and cheap price, Cahit Iþðk states. Moreover, when China wanted to improve its global reputation, it was forced to create a new trademark as "Made in PRC", replacing China with initials of People's Republic of China, in order to avoid detrimental effects of previous trademark.

Iþðk says: "Made in Turkey era was obsolete. It was the right time to switch to something more professional and effective, something developed with keen insight and long-term projection. Made in Turkey logo has contributed fairly well to the national communication of Turkey, yet it's the very reason it had to change: The potential created by Made in Turkey exceeded itself. Something new, something more suitable with this new level Turkey has reached was necessary.

Discover the Potential move seems to be capable of fulfilling this need. Thus, from the marketing & advertising point of view, the most crucial thing is to embrace this new logo and approach, and turn it into the "Turkish Business Flag". A successful communication management requires repetition and permanency, thus all elements of Turkey, the media, businessmen, governmental and non-governmental institutions; all should undertake its part and 8 patterns of the logo should be used in accordance with Integrated Marketing Communications Management."

As "Made in..." logos became obligatory in EU, Turkish products, which was considered to have higher quality than goods produced in Far East, gained an advantageous ground. Good produced in EU cost more, and as companies sought possibilities in Far East, the negative perception was a detrimental side effect for brands. Turkish goods, thus, gradually became more and more prestigious and prominent.

In the meanwhile, Made in Turkey also represented Turkey and developed a character in regions other than Europe. From Asia to Africa, Made in Turkey gained importance in developing countries, as it was associated with "affordable quality."

In conclusion, it can be said that Made in Turkey represented a transforming progress, and Made in Turkey era was a term during which Turkey gradually created its "potential". Turkey made its debut as a manufacturer, gained a foothold, eventually increased its coverage, and thus created an awareness which led to the recent prestigious status. The whole process can be understood as "forging the potential." Yet, marketing and brand-creation require different techniques and approaches to be embraced, as a plant needs different methods of care during germinating and grown-up stages of its life circle. As it seems that Turkey's tale is still to be continued, a shift of rhetoric is taking place after the introduction chapter: Discover the Potential. Now, Turkey is introducing its potential to world with a new approach and activating the potential to create its own "Country Brand".

Made in Turkey was considered more quality than Made in China, more affordable than Made in Germany.

The Tale Behind the New Logo

The new Turkey logo symbolizes a change in marketing policy. It is explaining Turkey instead of intoducing it, creating its own profile instead of shaping it based on references.