A Brand-new Era

The New Türkiye logo is the outcome of a well-planned and guided paradigm shift in the field of marketing and brand management that will have a positive impact upon all components of Turkish economy.

The hall was representing the synergy of Turkish economy and politics.

"Made in Türkiye" represents an era and apprehension, the new Türkiye logo symbolizes a change and paradigm shift. The background of this new paradigm and approach is huge and is a blend of a variety of concerns, prospects, ideas and solutions.

At the beginning, there was an ambiguous notion in the collective subconscious of Turkish business world and related institutions. Everybody knew they were close to a turning point, a "milestone", were aware of a necessity yet it was undefined and unspoken. The "move" had to be a collective one, as the members of the business world are connected to each other with strong ties and individual attempts would not be effective enough to trigger the long-awaited paradigm shift.

"The Brand Workshop on the Road to 2023 Goals" was the meeting in which the first steps have been taken. The brand has been developed and presented with togetherness.

An opportunity arose when Mehmet Büyükekþi, President of Turkish Exporters' Assembly and Turgay Adiyaman, Saffron Brand Consultants Managing Director of Türkiye, started talks about a possible project for TEA. TEA was in pursuit for a thrilling story which would boost the Turkish export volume and inspire Turkish exporters. As the brainstorm proceeded, under guidance of Mehmet Büyükekþi, the proposal evolved into a wide-scale project, a nationwide story. As the spectrum of participants spread, the idea gradually developed into the current approach. A drastic change was on the way.

This time, as "Made in Türkiye" had created the potential, it was time to "package" this potential and introduce it, and create an awareness which would eventually activate the potential and harvest the fruits of efforts of long decades. There were two main dimensions of this new approach: First, there is an invitation for the foreigners, as Prof. Dr. Rengin Küçükerdo€an, semiotics expert states. She explains the main message of the logo as follows: "The new Türkiye is strong, energetic and shelters latent powers. Undoubtedly, its new logo emphasizes modernity, synthesis of west and east and being traditional yet open minded." The second dimension involves the logo's internal function: it unites all aspects and elements of Türkiye in a well-crafted symbol, thus gives a message to the Turkish businessmen: "Embrace the logo, embrace the new paradigm and seize the new acceleration in order to benefit from this new brand management era." as Cahit Iþðk, former Chairman and Board Member of Association of Advertisement Procreators states. He believes that the success will come as the business world, government, media; all elements that form "Türkiye", embrace the logo and fulfills the requirements that come along with this new movement.

Comprised of patterns each bearing a different meaning and aiming at a different target, and seizing a harmony of these patterns and their meanings contributing to a single message as a whole, the logo functions fairly enough. Two parts; the patterned "Türkiye" text and "Discover the Potential" slogan, as Turgay Adðyaman states, are distinctive semiotic bearers of the two messages mentioned above. The indigenous "Türkiye" part describes and defines Türkiye, and the Discover the Potential part, with its semantic meaning and its design, invites the "modern world".

Turgay Adıyaman, Managing Director of Türkiye Saffron Brand Consultants was one of the prominent collaborateors in the process.

Rengin Küçükerdo€an's analysis of the logo is as following: "Made in Türkiye was plainly transmitting a message, the origin of the product. Its message is clear and simple, and does not directly and actively contribute to the interpretation, instead, it just labels where the product is manufactured and the consumer&target develops an idea about the affiliated product or country depending on his own experiences. So far, its message has only informed, not infused or inspired.

Emphasizing the potential in the new logo, thus, is a befitting move. It presents the potential that has been developed during the Made in Türkiye era, and gives a more active, specialized and attractive message. The Türkiye is already a brand, and the logo aims at transmitting the real value of this brand. With this phase, Türkiye is no longer introducing itself but now explaining itself. "

Saffron Brand Consultants undertook the design of the new Türkiye logo. During our interview, Managing Director of Türkiye, Turgay Adðyaman shared insights and the main ideas which led to the creation of the concept and the logo. "We had to tell our tale with our own voice" he stated, "because there misperception about Türkiye. People's perceptions about us were based upon experiences from 30-35 years ago, usually from indirect sources. We also realized that, most of the tourists, according to the surveys of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, usually expressed they were "surprised" while they were leaving Türkiye, which was a serious fact that inspired us. They had a perception, but their perception was not based upon the reality, it was outdated or under wrong light. So we decided to design a logo that tells all in one, and a logo that invites."

The new logo undoubtedly symbolizes a drastic change, yet one should examine and understand the course of Türkiye and its pioneers in both governmental and business sides. Ministry of Economy, Turkish Airlines, Borsa Istanbul and Turquality Project are protagonists of this story.

"U.K. invests 365 million GBP to rise in the rankings of top 10 economies of the world list, just in order to become 5th greatest economy from 4th."

"Eli Belinde" is an ancient traditional rug pattern used widely in Anatolia. It symbolized "value", and can be seen on anything that is considered precious, from rugs to coins.

Throughout the history, many emblems and figures were used, the Seljuk star is one of them. Having Islamic origins, Seljuk star represented "rebirth" and its use continued during Ottoman and early republican era.