Tourism Power

Have you ever heard of the term “Turkish Hospitality”? Maybe, you didn’t just hear it, but also experienced this outstanding characteristic of Turkish people known to whole world by visiting Turkey in person...

The doors are still kept open in many homes in Turkey, especially in Anatolia. The doors aren't locked even at night, because a neighbor or stranger may want to visit that house any time. Guests are sacred for Turkish people. Anatolia is the creator of the phrase "God's Guest." Turkish people would give their own beds to their guests if necessary, and sleep on the floor.

Turkey is one of the world's most beautiful countries with its natural and historical richness. But what makes Turkey the world's 6th great tourism destination isn't just its natural beauty. The hospitality of the Turkish people also plays a big role in this.

From North to South, from East to West, Turkey welcomes nearly 40 million tourists every year in its different provinces. Turkey obtains nearly 35 billion revenue from tourism.

With an investment of 100 billion dollars, the tourism industry, which increases its worth further every year, is Turkey's oil in a sense.

The world's interest in Turkey is unabated, although it decreases from time to time due to geopolitical developments. The target in tourism is to welcome 46 million tourists and generate 50 billion dollars of revenue.

This goal is not too far for Turkey with its dazzling presence in every segment of tourism. The historical values and natural beauty all around Turkey, especially in Istanbul and Antalya, will continue to draw the world's attention in the coming years and will boost the country's foreign exchange earnings.